The size of the regular iPad makes it a very pleasant experience when reading ebooks or surfing the web, although given its size, it also makes it a little harder to carry around. Portability might have been solved when Apple introduced the smaller iPad mini and if you were wondering if the iPad mini might be able to offer up the same reading experience as its larger sibling, Apple is here to help you imagine that with its recent print ads which were spotted in publications such as Time magazine and The New Yorker.

As you can see in the image above, Apple has placed an ad for the iPad mini behind the front cover of the magazine, replicating its cover albeit in the iPad mini’s size. It basically gives the viewer the idea that you will be able to enjoy your magazines at a readable size without compromising too much albeit in digital format. Of course comfort and readability all boils down to the user and whether they prefer holding up a full sized magazine or a smaller digital version, but if you were wondering how your favorite magazines might hold up in the iPad mini, perhaps these ads might give you an idea.

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