With the many hours MMO gamers spend on their characters, choosing the character’s name and looks is extremely important since they’ll be stuck with it. However we understand the tastes and preferences change over time, and much like how most of us look back at the email addresses and internet handles we used back when we were teenagers and cringe, we’re sure that there are Guild Wars 2 gamers out there who might have gotten a bit tired of how their character looks like. The good news is that ArenaNet has recognized that tastes change over time and has since introduced two new features that allow gamers to change the way their characters look.

Available through the Black Lion Trading Company, the Self-Style Hair Kit will set gamers back 250 gems, while the Total Makeover Kit will go for 350 gems although bulk discounts will be made available for both items. Unfortunately changing the name of your character isn’t available for now, but we guess this will be a more convenient way of changing the way your character looks, unless you’re in the mood and have the time to level a new character.

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