We do know that Asus the hardware manufacturer behind the Google Nexus 7, and here we are with benchmarks concerning the ASUS ME172V which was recently made available online for all and sundry to take a look at. The GLBenchmark results point towards a device known as the ASUS ME172V, where it was powered by Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, packing in other kinds of hardware specifications such as a 1GHz processor and a 400MHz Mali GPU.

The resolution for the ASUS ME172V was revealed to be a mere 1,024 x 600 pixels, which is far less compared to the Nexus 7’s 1,280 x 800 pixel display. Of course, we are talking about a similarly sized display, so with a lower resolution, you can expect things to not look all that great at all, albeit on the other side of the same coin, a lower resolution would also mean that the final hardware build will be more affordable to the masses. One advantage that the ME172V has which the Nexus 7 is missing would be a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes. This could eventually be a budget-priced tablet for emerging markets rather than having it fall under the Nexus brand.

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