While Blizzard’s Diablo 3 might not have been the successor to Diablo 2 that many fans were hoping for, it is still an enjoyable game nonetheless. It probably helped Blizzard garner new fans as well and we guess many are wondering what sort of new features and content an expansion could introduce. Now it’s pretty much a given that Blizzard will create an expansion for Diablo 3, but we guess it’s always nice to hear it from the developers themselves. In an investor call, it has been reported (via Joystiq) that according to Blizzard’s president, Mike Morhaime, it was revealed that an expansion has been planned for Diablo 3. That’s pretty much as official as it gets, but unfortunately there was no mention as to what sort of content we could be looking at, and when we might be able to expect it. However Blizzard tends to release expansions every couple of years, so with Diablo 3 having been released this year, it would be a safe bet to assume its expansion might only see a release in 2014. In the meantime what do you think we can expect – apart from possibly killing Diablo all over again?

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