You know what they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I guess the same can be said of video game franchises that have spawned blockbuster after blockbuster. Take the Angry Birds franchise for example – that is one video game franchise that was certainly a surprise package, and it does not seem to show any signs of slowing down anytime soon, either. Call of Duty is another series that should not be overlooked, and so it should not come across as a surprise if we hear whispers of Infinity Ward working on yet another Modern Warfare installment. The thing is, will their next title be known as “Modern Warfare?” Perhaps, or perhaps not.

There does seem to be additional leaked details which do seem to point towards the possibility of the next Call of Duty iteration to be known as “Call of Duty 2013”, where it will take place within the Modern Warfare story arc. An anonymous inside source claims that Activision has already started recording voice work for the new project, where the main protagonist will be “a battle hardened veteran in his mid-thirties with a nihilistic point of view;” with a code name of “Ben Burke”. What do you think of this rumor?

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