The graphing calculator of yore has proven to be a good servant, but just as time has moved on, so too, must fans of the old school graphing calculator. Casio wants to have a say in the whole deal with the fx-CP400 that will arrive not too long after Texas Instrument’s color-screened TI-84+ appeared on the horizon. What Casio offers with the fx-CP400 Graphing Calculator is this – a 4.8” stylus-driven display at 320 x 528 resolution, with the ability to switch from vertical to horizontal modes with but a single touch of a button.

Unfortunately, it comes with just 30MB of internal memory, so this is obviously a poor choice if you were to use it as a portable media player. A very, very poor choice, as your smartphone would have fared far better. Ah well, at least you know that you will not run into issues when working out graphs on this puppy, as it is surely the next generation of graphing calculators worth looking into.

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