If you were around in the 80s and owned a computer, you might have played the classic 8-bit game, Karateka which was originally programmed for the Apple II computer. Well the good news is that if you have, it looks like you might be able to relive the good old days albeit with improved graphics. It seems that Jordan Mechner, the original creator the game and the man who helped revamp the Price of Persia, has released an updated version of Karateka for the Xbox 360 (now available on XBLA), PlayStation 3, PC and iOS (PS3, PC and iOS versions coming soon). The game will feature new graphics (obviously) but since we have yet to get our hands on the game itself, we can’t really say as to whether it has stayed faithful to the original gameplay. In any case you can check out the amusing launch trailer in the video above, or head on over to its website for more info.

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