Save big on VentureBeat’s flagship cloud event – Nov. 28-29

It’s unlikely that any single player will dominate the cloud computing market in the foreseeable future, so more and more enterprise IT leaders are taking a pragmatic, creative approach and adopting a wide range of cloud solutions.

Unlike nearly all other cloud events, CloudBeat 2012 is putting those customers (the adopters) front and center to share their experiences and insights on what really works, who’s buying what, and where the industry is going.

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Core to the two-day event (Nov 28-29 in Redwood City, CA) will be a series of customer-centric case studies, big-name fireside chats, and deep-dive breakout sessions, all aimed at helping a broader audience navigate through the rich, complex, and rapidly evolving cloud ecosystem.

New participants include:

2011: Matt Marshall, Founder, VentureBeat and
Lew Moorman, CSO & President, Cloud, Rackspace

Join in at CloudBeat 2012 and forge relationships with over 500 industry executives, with a mix of business and IT decision makers, analysts, investors, marketers, big brands/retailers, press, and more.

UberGizmo readers register here with code “Gizmo” and save 20%!

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