Do you love Lego and the kind of creative freedom that it offers? If you have answered in the affirmative, then chances are you would be well pleased to hear that a new Kickstarter project known as the Combiform controller could very well change the way we look at video gaming. Basically, the Combiform controllers offer gamers the freedom to interact actively with other players, instead of just to focus solely on a TV or monitor when gaming. With its patented technology that encourages social interaction by physically combining up to four individual controllers to function as a team or to sabotage an opponent, you know for sure that Combiform controllers make for a far more sociable gaming experience instead of just typing insults on the keyboard and pressing the Enter button.

All Combiform controllers will boast of a joystick, a quartet of programmable buttons, LED lights and a rotating handle to deliver different modes of game play. Thanks to powerful, rare-earth magnets, these help physically combine the controllers during game play, and the special block design enables players to easily combine and separate during game play. Not only that, they function as traditional gaming controllers through connecting over Bluetooth to iOS and Android devices, Macs or PCs. Should all things go well, the Combiform controllers will ship from July 2013 onward.

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