Now here is an interesting idea – how about churning out your very own Gundams using a collection of electrical plugs? After all, we do know that the average person who sits in front of the computer must at least handle an electrical plug at least once a day, to turn on your desktop or juice your smartphone, and how about turning on your TV? Not only that, chances are there will be a few spares lying around the home, so if you happen to have time to spare and are a huge Gundam fan, here is an idea that you can literally toy around with – to make your own Gundam robot using electrical plugs.

A blogger in the Mie prefecture came up with a fair share of amazing figures that were made completely out of electrical plugs. Combining these together in a creative manner, he not only came up with Gundam-style robots, but also other animals as well as objects which comprise of solely electrical plugs and electrical plugs alone. Dare you follow in his footsteps and outdo him?

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