dropcam-ipadDropcam has finally launched its iPad app, so if you own a Dropcam and an iOS tablet, you won’t have to deal with a magnified version of the iPhone app anymore. Obviously, the iPad has a larger screen (7.8″ to 9.6″), and Dropcam touts that it will bring “720p” video to the tablet.

While the HD Dropcams are noticeably better than the regular ones, this is not nearly comparable to a 720p video broadcast that you can watch on TV (not even close). In fact, I would be happy if it was DVD-quality. That said, better video quality is always very welcome.

For those who have multiple Dropcams, the app allows up to four simultaneous streams to be watched at once. That’s a big deal for anyone who wants to do home surveillance. I used this type of setup myself to make sure that if an elderly person fell in different part of a home, we could spot that as soon as possible. It’s handy.

If you are not familiar with Dropcam, you should read our Dropcam review. It’s not a recent one, but their products fundamentals are still the same. Basically, it’s a webcam service that is super-simple to setup. You can view your videos online or on a mobile device. Dropcam also has video-recording upgrades, which are much simpler to operate than local recorders.

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