Who would have thought that our earth would actually belong to someone, and that someone has decided to auction it off to the highest bidder? Appearing on the Japanese Yahoo Auction page, earth started with a price of just 69 yen (!!!), which was the equivalent of $0.86, but as at press time, the Auction page is still up, although the price of our precious earth has ballooned to $87,000 thereabouts after conversion. Definitely a bargain considering the amount of real estate you will be getting, but bear in mind that the earth you’re getting has been listed as “authentic” and “used,” with a “no return” policy in tow.

The seller claims that the earth was bestowed unto him by the Almighty Himself, who actually handed it over to him in a dream. Since it is not the best of times at the moment, perhaps it would be more prudent to sell the whole earth and what – pay rent to the highest bidder in the end? According to the seller, each bid ought to be accompanied by a message that oozes with seriousness in the intention to own the earth, and should there be an excess of prank bids, he will close the auction, starting over at 69 yen all again.

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