I am quite sure that when you first laid your eyes on the Dyson bladeless fan, you were amazed at how it worked. Well, here we are with a potential rival to Dyson, except that it is now available on a far larger scale – meant to be mounted on the ceiling, that is. The Exhale Fan will boast 9 spinning discs as well as a 6-speed DC motor, where it will rely on “the science of laminar flow” once the discs are up to speed, sucking air up from below and “flinging” it to the sides. In terms of physics, this would create a vortex in your room, while homogenizing the temperature all around, resulting in (theoretically speaking) lower energy bills. Other fans just push the air down below them, which is a far less efficient way of keeping the surroundings cool.

Just how much do you need to fork out for a fan that is not only quieter, more efficient on paper, but looks infinitely cooler as well? Pledge $250 to its Indiegogo campaign, and should it actually achieve the financial target that was set for it, you can snag yourself one of these Exhale Fans sometime in March next year.

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