FigurePrints will make your Minecraft creation a reality

We’ve seen many dedicated Minecraft gamers recreate some pretty amazing things, like a recreation of the World of Warcraft and etc. At the same time there are Minecraft gamers who have come up with their own creations and if you thought that your Minecraft creation deserves to be made a reality, you might just get your wish. The folks at FigurePrints have announced that they will now be able to offer Minecraft gamers the chance to 3D print their Minecraft creations. According to FigurePrints’ founder, Ed Fries, this is possible thanks to a custom software he wrote that let us view the Minecraft world — it can detect anything that is floating and that solves a lot of problems, it can fill in parts that are completely enclosed and it can shell parts to make it less expensive. There’s a lot that’s automated into the tool itself.”

Your custom Minecraft prints will vary of course depending on the size and the complexity of your creation, but it is expected to be around the $100 mark, give or take. For those unfamiliar with FigurePrints, they are a company that specializes in 3D printing and have in the past allowed World of Warcraft gamers to create 3D replicas of their characters from the game. More information about FigurePrints and their services can be found on their website.

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