Foxconn does not have a shining record when it comes to the kind of treatment that their workers get, despite being one of the contractors that Apple has employed to churn out numerous devices, mainly for the iPhone and iPad. Well, since the company has not shown a sterling track record for treating their works well, the CEO decided to replace the human workers with a droid army, dubbed “Foxbots” by some. These robot workers were said to take over a number of factory positions which are considered as dangerous, and Foxconn hopes that the Foxbots will also trim company expenditures in the long run.

Perhaps another reason for having Foxbots all over the factory is to avoid issues such as worker riots that have happened more than once in the past, in addition to the controversy surrounding underaged workers, low pay issues as well as worker suicides. So far, around 10,000 of these robots have been deployed in China’s Shanxi Province, and there are plans penciled in for another 20,000 of these robots to enter the Foxconn workforce in due time.

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