So, you think that your Blu-ray disc drive is the bomb, and you have saved your fair share of video and audio content on a library of Blu-ray discs? Well, Fujifilm has some news for you – they are right now working on a new recording method for optical discs through the use of two-photon absorption in order to generate heat. This method is capable of realizing a recording density of 25 Gbytes per layer, which is right now the equivalent to the recording density of Blu-ray Disc (BD), in addition to 20 layers per side of a disc. To put it in plain English assuming one’s mental math is in order, it is theoretically possible to churn out a double-sided optical disc with a 1TB storage capacity, and commercialization of this disc is expected to kick off in three years’ time.

Not only that, this new recording method is said to carry a potential to realize a 15Tbyte disc sometime down the road, and just in case you were wondering how expensive this is going to cost, fret not – it is said to cost as little as a magnetic tape, now how about that? Downloading sprees, ahoy!

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