When it comes to receiving injections, there are two different kinds of people – one who cannot stand pain, while the other kind of person can be prodded in all directions without missing a beat. Well, Fujifilm caters to the former category this time around by working on a micro-needle array which has been touted to be a new drug administration method, where it can actually deliver the drug of choice into the body simply by attaching it onto the skin. There is a micro-needle array which comprises of a sheet arrayed with projections of 100-2000 micrometers. Whenever the sheet itself is placed on the skin surface, the drug will be injected into the skin from the projections, where it will then be delivered into the body.

It is said that the penetration from the projections of a micro-needle array will not result in any kind of pain whatsoever, being nowhere near an injection. Just like how drugs are efficiently delivered to affected areas, the micro-needle arrays is said to be a potentially hot new method (especially among the pain averse, I believe) as a new drug administration method.

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