I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the police cars of the future will definitely not be able to fly and apprehend all the bad guys by themselves. However, Motorola Solutions (which is a different entity from that of the Motorola Mobility) did parade a Ford prototype that came loaded with cameras and sensors, with the ultimate aim to merge a bunch of different technologies in a manner that will increase an officer’s awareness, capability and safety. Equipped with a whopping seven cameras as well as a generous hard drive to make sure all that data is stashed away somewhere safe, we like the idea of the backseat camera the most – ensuring that the person sitting behind, cuffed and all, will not be able to try anything funny without being noticed.

Data recorded onto the cameras will help officers save time, too, as a software will be able to read license plates while file ticketing paperwork on the officer’s behalf. If only this is a car that can automatically book whoever is speeding – whether in front or behind the officer’s car.

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