You cannot call yourself a gamer if you have yet to experience the nail biting moments associated with your favorite game of choice, regardless of whether it is a Real Time Strategy or First Person Shooter title. Some of us do sweat our palms during those moments, some more than others. The Gamemaxx gaming controller might change things around thanks to the folks over at 30 Watt, where it comes complete with a built-in neck strap so that you can gain easy access to all the buttons, in addition to a misting/hydration system as well as a fan. Just how does it work? The Gamemaxx gaming controller will carry a gallon of gaming refreshments, helping cool you off thanks to its integrated fan and misting system.

This lets you concentrate more on the game in comfort instead of wiping the sweat off your brow. Apart from that, another side benefit is this – you can more or less say that it is virtually impossible to lose an eight-pound controller that literally hangs around your neck. Of course, once you have come to the end of this story, chances are you might wonder whether this is a prank or not, never mind that it is not April 1st. The answer is, yes, it is a prank. Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt, said, “An enormous game controller like the GAMEMAXX is ridiculous. We didn’t really create an eight-pound gaming controller; we created another PrankPack A Genuine Fake, Gift Box.” You can pick up the Gamemaxx Game Controller Prank Pack for $8.00.

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