Goal Zero employees and retail partners have managed to bring about $600,000 worth of portable power products to some areas affected by hurricane Sandy through their “You Buy One, We Give One” program where customers could help those in need. “Our employees came to us with the entire plan of what to send and how to get it there. They even volunteered to load up the truck and deliver the gear themselves.”, says Goal Zero’s CEO Joe Atkin.


The loss of power in the midst of difficult weather has been quite awful for residents in the affected areas, and while a portable power source like the GoalZero Escape 150 cannot replace the comfort of home, it is clear that having some light at night and the ability to charge a cellphone has to make a huge difference on a daily basis.

If you are not familiar with GoalZero, the company is known for its portable energy products that range from smart-phone/battery solar chargers to huge batteries that can power a micro-wave oven or other large appliances.

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