Have you ever wondered what the future of Google’s search engine will be like? If you’re thinking about the ability to pre-guess searches, then you could be right. Tom Simonite of Technology Review says that Google is trying to enhance its search service by enabling it to automatically deliver information without having to search for it. In short, Google wants its search engine to pre-guess what’s on the mind of its users. Simonite, who took part of Google’s secret experiment last month, says that Google is trying to understand how it can deliver information to users that they’d never have thought to search for online.

Jon Wiley, the lead user experience designer for Google search, explains that in order for Google to achieve its mission of making information universally accessible, Google must find out the “hidden needs” of its users so that the company can serve them better. “We’ve often said the perfect search engine will provide you with exactly what you need to know at exactly the right moment, potentially without you having to ask for it,” says Wiley. Google is already getting there. One example of such technology is Google Now, which intelligently gives its users directions, weather forecasts, flight updates, and other information considered important by the user.

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