There is no doubt that Google Now is one of the best features and selling points of Android. Now Android fans will patronize their favorite mobile OS even more once they hear that Google Now actually has a built-in pedometer. Just recently, a few Android users have spotted a newly-added card into Google Now. Looking at it closely, it appears to be a pedometer which will display the distances that you’ve walked or covered with your bike in the previous month.

It’s important to note that Google has yet to officially announce the feature. For now, we can only rely on the few Android users who were able to see it. “That new card is a pedometer that has been tracking their steps and miles biked over the last couple of months, behind the scenes. I say ‘behind the scenes’ because this is a card that we have yet to see or hear about. In fact, I took a quick look through Google Now settings and could not find this feature mentioned,” writes Droid-Life. Are you seeing a built-in pedometer on the Google Now app of your Android device? Let us know then.

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