Considering that some of us spend hundreds of dollars and/or are tied to a two-year contract with a carrier, doing our research on the best phone we can possibly get with our money seems to be the smart way to go. Granted you could always rely on what the salesperson or your friend is telling you, but it’s best if you came to those conclusions yourself. That being said, Google has recently posted their research findings on how some factors affect the launch of a smartphone.

According to Google, unsurprisingly it seems that the more buzz a phone gets before its release, the higher amount of sales you can expect. For example 1,000 news stories prior to the phone’s launch could generate an additional 9% in sales, and that 52% of purchase-related searches occur before the phone is actually launched. Perhaps that’s why some companies don’t seem too fussed over leaked photos or specs because it helps generate buzz and discussion before its actual release.

Video is apparently another important factor, with Google claiming that with every 1 million views a product video gets in the week ahead of its launch, there is a good chance that the company could see an 11% increase in sales. Google’s research has also pointed out that release dates on Thursday and Friday have typically yielded the best results – perhaps with the weekend looming, people are in a better mood and more willing to spend? Pretty interesting stuff – what do you guys think?

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