And just as we thought that the MOGA gaming system for Android was enough to turn the tables around, Green Throttle Games, co-founded by RedOctane co-founder Charles Huang, is announcing a new gaming solution that will transform Android smartphones and tablets into gaming consoles. Armed with the vision of bringing mobile games to the family room, the company will be launching a controller, an app, and a software developer kit (SDK). The Atlas controller, as it is called, is the first Android bluetooth controller in the market that provides console-level precision and accuracy. It features full analog control sticks that works with Android smartphones and tablets with a video-out port.

On the other hand, the Green Throttle Arena app will provide a central hub to explore other games developed by Green Throttle and other independent developers and publishers. Lastly, the company’s software developer kit, which is available for free, will make it easy to create new mobile-focused games for the Green Throttle platform. “Mobile gaming is exploding, and new smart devices are becoming powerful alternatives to traditional consoles. We just need a simple and fun way for people to play games both on the go, and on the couch,” said Charles Huang, co-founder of Green Throttle Games. “Our mission is to create great game experiences that bring people together, a big screen experience where you can just start playing games on a television, as simple as that.”

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