A new gym in U.K. is ingenious enough to convert workouts into electrical power. The gym is located in a city park in Hull, England and so far it has generated over 40,000 watt hours or 40 kilowatts. The gym is made by The Great Outdoor Gym Company, a company that has already installed more than 350 public gyms in the U.K. And because the local councils are paying for the gym, it’s free to use as long as you are a local resident. According to the company, this is their first time for them to build a gym that can convert human energy into electricity.

For now, the gym is only supplying power to its own lighting system. The end goal will be to one day supply surplus energy into the national grid. Georgie Delaney, Ceative Drector at The Great Outdoor Gym Company, says that the prototype gym costs $100,000 to install. Although it’s a bit expensive, Delaney adds that they are also working on a cheaper $32,000 model which can re-charge mobile phones and tablets. “We truly believe that in the western world we consume too much energy both in terms of food and electricity. What we’re trying to do with the green energy gyms is give councils and communities a tool, with a facility like this, so people can actually offset their consumption of both food and electricity,” Delaney said.

Image Courtesy of CNN.

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