The devil’s in the details, or so the saying goes. If that is true, then HTC surely played the role of being the devil’s advocate with their latest HTC Droid DNA smartphone that we have already taken it out for a spin in a hands-on, so watch out for a full review in due time! It seems that there is a rear notification LED light that is covered by dozens of small pinholes under the handset’s rear shell, ensuring that no matter which side your phone is placed, you will be able to catch a quick glance at just what needs your attention – be it an incoming text message, an email that needs to be replied, or perhaps there is a Whatsapp message that requires your urgent attention.

Most smartphone manufacturers just leave the notification LED on the front side of the device, meaning if you happen to leave your smartphone face down, it will be unable to alert you at a glance as to whether you need to attend to your smartphone. Nice to see how HTC has pumped in the relevant amount of attention into their latest flagship model.

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