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IntelliCover app lets you interact with your Android device via the proximity sensor

IntelliCover 640x312We certainly have come a long way from the mobile phones we used to use back in the day. Back then interacting with our phones involved a lot of button pressing to navigate, while nowadays all we need to do is touch the screen, enlarge photos with gestures, scroll through lists quickly by swiping and etc. We’re not sure what the next-gen of smartphone technology might involve, but some manufacturers have started adding features to their devices that allows the user to interact with their phones simply by hovering their finger above the touchscreen instead of actually touching it.

If you think that this is a pretty nifty feature and you’d like to have it for your smartphone, an Android app called IntelliCover has been created by dragonnis that allows users to control actions on their phone via the proximity sensor. According to the list of features, here is what you might be able to expect:

The app itself is free and if you were worried you might have to root your device, you don’t, which means for those not as tech savvy, you will be able to enjoy this app as well. More information on the app can be found in the XDA forums along with a link to the Google Play store for the download.

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