So, we did read about how the iPad sold 11 units per hour compared to zero for the Microsoft Surface during Black Friday at select stores, but here we are with yet more news which leans in favor towards the iPad – it seems that it was one of the best selling tablets throughout the Black Friday period, also picking up the gong for being the most popular mobile device when it came to making online purchases, at least according to a study from IBM. Throughout the 2-day holiday period, 10% of all online purchases were made from an iPad, now how about that? In addition, 8.7% of online purchases happened from an iPhone, while Android devices made up just 5.5% of sales.

As for the iPad, it comprised of 88% of sales made from tablets alone, and this segment excludes PCs, phones, and other access devices. In second place (but nowhere in sight, of course) was Barnes & Noble’s Nook at 3.1%, while Amazon’s Kindle range made up for 2.4% of sales. It does seem as though Apple will have another stellar quarter in their next earnings report – what do you think?

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