When you were a kid, I am quite sure that one of the more interesting books which you have read were interactive ones – you know, the old school method of having pop up images as well as tabs that you can pull in order to see the scene on the page change accordingly, which are far more interesting than those e-books that we see flood the edutainment market today. Well, Japanese LEGO artisan Talapz has pushed the boundaries yet again by bringing his creation of miniature brick models to a totally new and unprecedented level – that is, by turning them into fantastic colorful pop-up books.

You can check out the video above and be totally awed with what he did with the famous Japanese Buddhist temple complex, Todai-ji. Talk about pushing your limits and coming up with something entirely different, Talapz is definitely a genius in this aspect and we do hope that he continues to be inspired to churn out new creations in due time.

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