Lenovo has just put up a new image of what they have called the Lenovo Pocket Yoga on their Facebook page, which is more or less a miniaturized version of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga tablet with its full-flip display. The Pocket Yoga device is said to come with a couple of full sized USB ports, so one can only make the assumption that it is more than capable of running a full desktop operating system. What do you think of the design above? Unfortunately, it never made it off the production line and remained a concept. Assuming that Lenovo actually decided to give the nod of approval to the Pocket Yoga concept, would you have bought it if the price was right?

Something tells me that it would not have done too well in the market, considering how full-flip devices are so passe in this day and age. It somewhat brings back memories of those full sized Nokia Communicator series as well as some of the HP flip models, which served better at the dining table to crack those stubborn crab claws rather than help you keep in touch with the rest.

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