Given that the Grand Theft Auto franchise is essentially about stealing cars and fighting rival gangs, there have been plenty of movies that have been made based on that already. Then again we guess GTA fans won’t complain if a Hollywood studio decides to pick up the game and make a movie out of it, but how will it look like and what can we expect? While that remains to be seen, it looks like some fans of the franchise have put together a GTA-inspired movie and it is directed by Gevorg Karensky. It features Niko Bellic’s character and it basically simulates the game where the player receives instructions on their next mission. It’s extremely well-put together, action-packed and even comes with a car chase scene! While it seems like a live-action movie, there are some aspects of the game included in the film, such as the mini map, the gun used in the top right hand corner along with an ammo count, and name plates above the heads of people. Either way it’s pretty awesome and if you’ve got 6 minutes to spare, check it out in the video above.

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