One of the drawbacks to owning a Mac is that not many games are released which are compatible with both Windows and Mac. Usually Mac compatible games are released later and while installing Bootcamp with Windows is an option, we guess it might be an inconvenience and unnecessary expense for some gamers who don’t think the cost is justified just to play a couple of games. Now the good news is that if you have been meaning to get Lord of the Rings Online but were bummed out by its lack of Mac support, you will be pleased to learn that the game will finally be getting a Mac client.

According to Turbine’s VP of Product Development, Craig Alexander, who spoke to the folks at TUAW, it seems that the Mac client for Lord of the Rings online will be coming this week. Apparently why the Mac version of the game took so long was because the developers were trying to build a native port, rather than depend on emulation or other methods. The Mac version is expected to be identical to the PC version, and it seems that the expansion for the game, Riders of Rohan, was developed with the Mac’s client in mind. The client will be downloadable as a beta and will be able to be downloaded directly from Turbine’s website when available.

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