Microsoft Japan and NTT DoCoMo to deliver Windows 8 devices with LTE capabilityBoth Microsoft Japan and NTT DoCoMo have agreed to work together in order to introduce Windows 8-powered devices like tablets to corporate customers, while ensuring that these devices will play nice with DoCoMo’s extra high speed LTE mobile service which they call Xi (read as “crossy”). This particular collaboration also will include joint marketing and sales to corporations, so you can be sure that it will be a highly cohesive partnership here.

Right now in Japan, tablet devices are gaining traction in the corporate world as well – as the regular consumer class have more or less exhibited a similar trend as with the rest of the world, which would be to own a tablet and a smartphone. DoCoMo’s Xi LTE service is said to empower corporations to see tablets as a viable mobile productive device, sporting enhanced flexibility and diversity. When using it in tandem with the new Windows 8 operating system, it ought to deliver an enhanced mobile experience. Something tells me having a keyboard dock to go along with the entire shebang would make one even more productive on the go.

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