Microsoft wants to turn the tables around in favor of its very own Internet Explorer browser. Criticisms thrown at the IE browser aren’t new. In fact, the norm that Internet Explorer sucks has been passed down from generations. It was not an easy ordeal for Microsoft for sure. But in a bid to regain back its reputation, the software giant has been pushing steady IE releases lately for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Today, Microsoft wants to seal the deal once and for all by publishing a new “comical” advert on YouTube that attacks all IE haters in the planet. The video takes us into the world of an IE hater who spreads negative comments such as “IE SUCKS!” and “IE EXPLODER” on the Internet. But when the IE hater begins to read positive comments about IE 10, the IE hater gets confused.

The “turning point” came when he read that IE has introduced a new Karaoke web standard. He then turns back from his PC and stares at his Karaoke Grand Master award in his wall. Finally, the IE hater writes, “IE sucks…less.” Microsoft ends the ad by flashing the words: “Progress. Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes.”

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