It was not too long ago that Microsoft made an announcement concerning their upcoming Outlook 2013 email client which is said to introduce additional support for the Internet Message Access Protocol, which is known as IMAP for short. Well, here is yet another announcement from the software giant that Outlook 2013 will also deliver support for Exchange Active Sync, which should be good news for folks who use Outlook as their primary email client all this while. The latest post on the official Outlook blog saw Microsoft state that Outlook 2013 will no longer require the older version of the Outlook Connector protocol in order to sync up accounts with other devices and online services. The post reads as follows :-

Outlook 2013 uses newly-added support for the rich Exchange Active Sync (EAS) protocol that has become the gold standard used by smartphones and other mobile devices. EAS will sync mail, calendar, contacts and tasks from your account! We’ve heard many requests from users who want to sync their tasks from an account, and now you can.

Does this bit of information help you make a better decision as to whether to jump aboard the Outlook 2013 bandwagon? We suppose a fair amount of people would have answered in the affirmative.

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