Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is one of those hits that went beyond the wildest expectations of everyone, never mind the fact that we more or less knew that it was going to be popular, the question was just, how much? 4J Studios did release a major update to the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition last month, but with the burgeoning number of players as well as wanting to give more of the Minecraft experience to gamers, the developer are working hard to release yet another major update that is touted to arrive in the coming weeks.

The list of changes and fixes that will arrive on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition in the coming weeks is a rather exhaustive and extensive one, but here are just a few to whet your appetite in the brick building game. There is the option to toggle the HUD off/on, to turn the player hand off/on, to have a crafting recipe for Golden Apples as well as Pumpkin Seeds among others.

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