Mozilla has just rolled out Firefox 17, their popular web browser which surprisingly, was released just a month after Firefox 16 rolled out. Just what kind of enhancements can we expect to see in Mozilla Firefox 17? Well, the additions are said to be rather lightweight in nature, where Mozilla threw in a Social API and support for Facebook Messenger integration, in addition to the spanking new click-to-play feature that prevents select plugins from firing up without express permission from the user. Apart from that, it is said to carry approximately 20 performance improvements that hopefully, will ensure Firefox is capable of outrunning the competition in terms of browser speed.

Bear in mind that Mozilla Firefox 17 will drop OS X 10.5 Leopard support. Not exactly a big loss, considering how Leopard rolled out half a dozen years ago, being the last version of Apple’s OS X operating system to support legacy PowerPC Macs. Mozilla took this step of faith to “free up resources for new Mac features like Native Full Screen support and new Mac accessibility tools.”

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