You can more or less say that most of our modern day devices come with touchscreen functionality, and when the bitter chill of winter falls upon us, we would want to “suit up” by wearing gloves so that our digits don’t get all frozen and fall off just like that. I jest, but you get the idea of being cold, right? The thing is, not all touchscreen devices are friendly with gloved fingers, but here is the Mujjo leather gloves that are touchscreen friendly, where it will play nice with capacitive displays. Since new devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 comes with capacitive as well as pressure sensitive displays, they will work well with the Mujjo gloves, no doubt about it.

As to whether we would trumpet the “revolutionary” claim of these gloves, I leave that up to the discernment of our dear readers. It appears that each pair of Mujjo gloves have been integrated with revolutionary nanotechnology into the leather, enabling it to mimic the conductive properties of the human skin. A couple of press studs on the heel where the leather strap is fastened ensures it remains in place, and sporting a matte finishing, you won’t be a walking fashion faux pas with a pair on.

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