Have you ever played Myst on the computer back in the day? For those who did, I am quite sure that you were enthralled by the new term coined in the IT world known as “multimedia”, and it is nice to see nostalgia being fleshed out in the form of an actual, physical book, thanks to the exertions by a certain Mike Ando. Mike actually created a replica linking book from the graphic adventure video game series known as Myst, and in order to maintain a degree of authenticity, he decided to make a close as possible copy of the same book which was originally scanned as a texture reference. The game allowed such books to transport folks to mystical worlds, and Ando’s creation that is a labor of love six years (!) in the making carries a full desktop computer within, being self-contained without the need for any external wires or hardware.

In order to transport you to faraway fantasy worlds, the Myst Book will carry a 5” LED touchscreen display at 640 × 480 resolution, in addition to a copy of all the Myst games released pre-installed. The ‘real’ Myst book can be yours for a whopping $15,625, and in order to help loosen your purse strings, perhaps watching a video of the Myst Book in action above will do the trick.

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