If you’re looking for a good way to scare yourself, then this recently released Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs trailer might just do the trick. For those who haven’t played the first installment of Amnesia, well speaking from personal experience it is one heck of a ride and probably one of the most scariest games you can ever play. We expect that its successor, A Machine for Pigs, will do a much better job at scaring you, what with the new graphics and such. Now it seems that its publisher, Frictional Games, is requesting for gamers to submit their own screams of “fear, panic, terror, anguish, torture and horrid, awful death” which we imagine they will incorporate into the game. If you think you have what it takes, you can record yourself and send it to piggies@thechineseroom.co.uk, or if you’d rather not have your neighbors or parents think you’re out of your mind, you can check out the trailer in the video above.

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