Google will be releasing their Nexus 10 on the 13th of November to the masses, and given its hardware specs, it certainly sounds like a very promising tablet. While the 13th of November is four days away, it seems that Walmart might have started offering the tablet earlier. According to one shopper, Walmart has put the tablet up for display at one of their local stores, which means there is a good chance that other Walmart outlets might have it up for display too. Unfortunately the shopper did not try their luck and see if Walmart would be willing to sell him the tablet, so for all we know it might just be there for display purposes until the 13th. However if you do spot it in your local Walmart, perhaps you could try your luck and see if you can walk home with a Nexus 10 tablet before everyone else. If you’re deciding whether the Google Nexus 10 tablet is for you, you can check out our complete review of the device here.

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