Now that’s a turn up for the books! Setting aside the pesky mandatory updates, we just heard that the Wii U gaming console can actually play and stream MP4 videos. Proud Nintendo Wii U owner “Willy Gunz” was able to discover the hidden and unexpected feature when he setup a simple web server on his PC and added some MP4 videos on it. He then accessed the server on the Wii U’s browser by typing its IP address. After the downloading the MP4 videos, which are, by the way, video trailers, he was able to play the MP4 videos on the console while streaming them on his computer at the same time. Unfortunately, AVI or MKV files are not supported. “Playing with my Wii U web browser, I found I can view MP4 files. Sorry no AVI or MKV but MP4 …Yes,” said Willy Gunz.

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