Seeing electronics get destroyed does seem like a waste, especially when they could have been donated to those in need, but then again one could always argue that these videos were created for entertainment purposes so it really just boils down to your principles. That being said if you’re in the mood to see a Nintendo Wii U get senselessly destroyed, the YouTube video above is essentially a 4 minute video by dovetastic where he places a brand new Wii U into the microwave oven upon which it catches fire and eventually melts into a plastic mess. He then puts the melted mess of plastic up on eBay and is auctioning it off and calling it a piece of “art” (remember art is subjective!). Surprisingly there have been six offers so far and the auction is commanding $3,490.03 at this time of posting. At the very least they are giving the Blendtec folks a run for their money as far as destroying electronics are concerned.

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