Have you decided to jump aboard the electric car bandwagon just yet? Sure, unless you settle for the high end models that cost more than a hundred grand each, electric cars do not have the kind of sprinting performance that petrol powered engines have, but at least they do their part in helping you keep the environment nice and green – to a certain extent, of course. One of the electric cars that we have taken out for a spin so far is the Nissan Leaf, and it seems that 2013 will bring good tidings to Nissan’s flagship electric car.

What kind of improvements do you think we can expect to see in the 2013 model of the Nissan Leaf? Well, there is an expected small, albeit not negligible range boost, where a full charge is said to bring the 2013 Nissan Leaf a cool 228km – with all the other electronics turned off, of course, thanks to its lithium ion battery pack. This is an improvement from the 2012 model that eked out 200km on a full charge. Not only that, a new battery gauge informs the driver the remaining power left in percentage points, in addition to miles remaining, of course.

The 2013 Nissan Leaf has also been priced to move, costing around $31,000 for the base model in Japan, which is a cool $6,000 less than the 2012 edition. I guess this means the second hand market for the 2012 Nissan Leaf model is going to suffer.

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