Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia has plans to introduce Nokia Drive not only for Nokia devices, but also for other platforms. The thing is, very little is known about this particular effort from Nokia, and during the recent launch of Windows Phone 8, there was no mention of Nokia Drive either, leaving those who are interested up in arms as to whether Nokia was serious about delivering Nokia Drive to different mobile platforms or not in the long run. Pocket-lint managed to obtain some time and subsequently, information from Nokia that they are still working to deliver Drive to the platform.

Some deduce that Nokia’s ace up their sleeve at the moment would be maps on their range of Lumia devices, so chances are if it were to be made available onto other platforms, you can more or less expect to fork out some money for it. Rather confusing is how Nokia has pinned their hopes on developers to rely on Drive for location-based apps. Do you think Nokia intends to make just a select bunch of features of Drive available to everyone for free, or did Microsoft open up Pandora’s Box by giving them to green light to force Drive into the position of being the default mapping solution on handsets the moment it is installed? Time ought to be able to shed more light on the situation.

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