It was just yesterday when we looked at how there was the Phone Wars parody, where the Nokia 3310 was seemingly indestructible. Well, something that is far more realistic today has hit the news, which would be Nokia bringing HTC to court over a disputed 32 patents. According to Foss Patents, Nokia wants to sue HTC over a total of 32 patents across US as well as Europe. The kind of ground that these patents will cover include a range of technologies from “calendar-display apparatus, and associated method, for a mobile terminal” to “method of operating a navigation system using images” and “communication network terminal supporting a plurality of applications”.

A quartet of court hearings, which will include three full trials, have been scheduled to hear Nokia’s case against HTC before 2012 is over – meaning there are just a six more weeks or so before everything is done in the courtroom. Foss intellectual property analyst, Florian Mueller, claims that the Taiwanese manufacturer might be backed into a corner here, saying, “Based on how both parties fared against Apple, it’s easy to see that Nokia will win this and will most likely receive a higher per-unit royalty from HTC than Apple receives from HTC.” Could we be looking at a huge payday for Nokia this time around?

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