Oakley, the world-renowned creator of sunglasses, sports visors, and ski goggles, is taking the game to a whole new different level. Oakley has just announced a new Android-supported goggles called Airwave. Now available for a hefty price of $599.95, Airwave promises to revolutionize the whole skiing and snowboarding experience by combining its leading optics technology with Android’s wide range of tools and functionalities. Airwave features integrated GPS, Bluetooth support, and a heads up display to gain instant access to information such as maps, temperature, jump analytics, speed, playlists, and even the location of your buddies.

What makes Airwave unique is its ability to view all those vital information within the goggles itself. This will be nifty since users won’t have to take their eyes off the road in order to access information. If you’re still not getting the idea, just think about Google’s Project Glass. Oakley puts its best, “When your teachers and scientists used to describe what would be possible in the future, Airwave is what they were talking about. Built on the bedrock of Oakley performance optics and goggle technology, Airwave is complete with Switchlock Technology that enables you to swap lenses to match your environment without disrupting Airwave’s integrated technologies.”

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