The tablet market is certainly an interesting one, especially when you consider how there are so many players in it right now, especially those who are part of the Android ecosystem. We do have high end models that branch off to mid-range as well as entry level devices, and one can safely say that Pandigital certainly resides somewhere at the bottom of the food chain where tablets and eReaders are concerned. Well, recently, we have seen Pandigital devices make their way onto eBay as well as at other stores with prices that were set to sell under the “impulse purchase” segment – in fact, new and refurbished eReaders were going for less than $50, while there were tablets that retailed for under $70.

This could be because Pandigital declared bankruptcy this summer, and the company’s inventory is currently being sold off by liquidators who intend to recover whatever they can of the original value from Pandigital’s remaining assets, and among these include Android-powered tablets and eReaders. Who do you think in this particular market are right now own on a similar, slippery path that Pandigital is on?

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