The city of Pembroke Pines, tucked away in between South Beach and Fort Lauderdale, has ended up as the first city in Florida to pass a resolution that warns cellphone users (smartphone users included, of course) concerning the risk of picking up cancer due to cellphone radiation. So far, medical research have proved rather inconclusive, as there is no real indicator that prolonged cellphone use and exposure would lead to a higher risk of cancer, although there are others who dispute that. The Pembroke Pines resolution warns cellphone users to ensure that the device remains at least one inch away from their body, and it is always better to use the speakerphone or a wired headset.

Not only that, instead of making phone calls, why not rely on other forms of communication such as email or text? Pembroke Pines also figured out that education is the best policy, hence urging its cellphone using residents to remain abreast with the latest developments and scientific reports concerning cellphone radiation. What do you think? Will this bit of news make you more wary of your cellphone using habit, or will you decide to change and purchase a wired headset the next time you head out?

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