Instagram has this uncanny ability to take regular looking photos and turn them into more interesting pieces – it’s either that or it’s the hipster in me that’s talking. In any case that’s not to say that great photos can’t be taken by Instagram and if you have any Instagram photos that you’re particularly proud of and wouldn’t mind hanging on your wall, has launched an app called Photos to Art which basically will take photos from your Instagram account or your iOS device’s photo library and turn them into print.

Companies offering to turn your digital snaps into physical prints isn’t exactly new, but what the Photos to Art app does is that it offers users a chance to simulate how their photos would look like on a virtual wall, or thanks to its use of augmented reality, it will also allow you to super impose the faux print onto your own living room. The app itself is free although if you’d like to see your digital snaps made a reality, an unframed 16” square poster will set you back $11, while a wood mounted version will go for $45 for example.

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